Friday, April 1, 2011

Hunks Workshop English patch

If you've been in the bara world for quite some time,
it would be impossible to not know this game.

It's one of the better bara games out there,
great art and a full voice acting.

Unfortunately, it's all in Japanese.
Enjoying the CG and the guys moaning is only half the fun.
The story is pretty good also,
ranging from a heart-warming
to a twisted sex-abuser.

So here comes the solution,
English translation patch.

All the translatable text (i.e. not picture)
will be translated into English and repacked into the game,
so that you can enjoy the game while understand
what each character is saying.

It's still not done yet though,and seems quite a feat to translate everything,
but I'll keep on doing it little by little.

HWS English patch

ver 0.1 (2011/04/01)
(Initial release, From prologue to day 1-2)

Instruction is in the README file


Please do not redistribute this patch without permission.
because I can be very bitchy about it :D

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old scanlations

My scanlation from the stone age.
Figured I should put them together somewhere,
so I'll just dump them here in my blog.

I somehow want to go back and fix some of the translation errors,
but I'm too lazy. LOL

Takeshi Matsu - Important Fact / Important Thing / Important Person

Tsukasa Matsuzaki - Every morning, please be beside me

Takeshi Matsu - Novice Bank Employee Kyuuryuu Kouji's Disaster Part 1